Building Balanced Bodies

We help you feel and move better

From frustrated to confident. Work directly with a Therapist, not machines for the entire session.

Building Balanced Bodies

Hi, I’m Dr. Cara. Your veteran physical therapist, here to relieve, transform & improve your body. I’m dedicated to taking you from feeling old, stiff and painful to feeling more energized, stronger and better conditioned. Especially, if you are afraid of falling, I am here to get you reconnected with your body so you can feel in control again and able to ditch that device.

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Eliminate Pain . Optimize Your Body . Live Longer

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Therapy Services

Therapy Services In Hallandale, Beach

Physical Therapy

Our physical and occupational therapists are skilled at evaluating your pain, movement patterns, environment, routines, and responsibilities.

Massage Therapy

Relief of pain, muscle tension and fatigue using direct pressure, cupping, and sports massage application is just minutes away.

Wellness & Performance

Identification of injury risk and movement pattern dysfunctions impacting your performance by our certified doctors using screening tools designed to improve your game and fitness level.

Strength & Mobility

Weekly strength + mobility classes are back at B3. All levels welcome! Classes will be taught by Dr. Cara Giusti.

Personal Training

Bridging the gap between therapy, your normal exercise routine and your next fitness goals, we can help you climb the next step!

Golf Assessment

Overcome golf injuries and improve your game by our certified Titleist Performance Institute professionals. Golf specific assessment, exercises, health, and fitness addressed to play your best golf.

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