Cara Giusti

cara_giusti2Cara Giusti, owner of Building Balanced Bodies (B3), is originally from the Northern Virginia area where she earned a Bachelor of Science and a secondary education teaching license from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VA Tech). She furthered her education at Shenandoah University where she earned a Master of Physical Therapy and Doctor of Physical Therapy. Her career has been extensive, providing physical therapy for people suffering from sport-related, traumatic or degenerative injuries, while specializing in orthopedic injuries and movement disorders involving gait and balance.

Cara combines her 15+ years of practicing physical therapy, collegiate level athletic experiences, clinical knowledge, teaching skills, and passion for learning new treatment techniques to maximize your recovery benefits. She provides a physical therapy experience that is unmatched, arming you with knowledge, strategies, and techniques to manage your recovery and get you back to the activities important to you.

Treatment Goals
After many years of serving physical therapy to people suffering from sport related, traumatic or degenerative injuries, Cara launched her company, B3, in 2012, with a mission to improve balance, mitigate risk of falls among the aging, and collaborating to enhance patient recovery. She has changed the way physical therapy is delivered and improved the quality of care with faster results by implementing the SIMPLE Way (SIMPLE – Strategic, Immediate, Measurable, Patient-focused, Lasting, Educational).

Education and Background
Cara received a BS in biology with a minor in chemistry from Virginia Tech and a teaching license in secondary education. Three years later she had the distinguished honor of being one of the first in the country to receive both Doctorate and Master of Physical Therapy Degrees at Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia. Her graduate work focused in orthopedics, pain management, and neuro-spine at Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

Upon graduation, Cara served her community for two years within the Fairfax County, Virginia public school system with a teaching grant. She designed and delivered a “Physical and Occupational Therapy” curriculum, offering intensive classroom education to high school students, hands-on clinical experience and credits for enrollment in the Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) Physical Therapy Assistant Program. While working for Fairfax County to further develop her clinical skills, she also practiced as a physical therapist and worked as a staff member of the outpatient physical therapy department at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC. Her experience included research of adolescent female athletes using a six-week plyometric training program to reduce the risk of ACL injury among volleyball, basketball and soccer players. Additional experience included aquatic therapy, balance training and working with patients in cardiac rehab.

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