Therapy Services

Physical  Therapy

Our physical therapists are skilled at evaluating your environment, routines, responsibilities, and influencers to customize interventions that will optimize your mind and body’s performance of your top priorities. Whether it’s combing your hair, texting a pal, playing tennis, putting your socks and shoes on or playing your favorite guitar, our therapists will teach you how to hack your limitations to be able to do what’s most important to you. Let’s get working on YOUR plan to live a longer, safer and independent life.

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage at B3PT, combined with trigger point release and stretching, especially after a sporting event, is designed for those wishing to focus on deeper structures, relief of muscle tension and fatigue using direct pressure, cupping, and sports massage application.


Identification of injury risk and movement pattern dysfunctions by our certified doctors using musculoskeletal screening tools and movement based assessments such as the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) and Functional Movement Screen (FMS). After assessment, targeted interventions are used to reach maximal recovery and prevent future secondary injuries.

Golf Assessment

Improve your game by identifying common physical restrictions and learning how to address these through various mobility and strengthening activities. A skilled golf assessment involves a thorough assessment of mobility and strength of the whole body that has a direct correlation with the ability to swing a club. Any restrictions or painful movements that are identified are then addressed through skilled hands on and therapeutic exercise treatment.

Personal Training

Bridging the gap between therapy, your normal exercise routine and your next fitness goals, we can help you climb the next step! Referred by local orthopedic surgeons and family practitioners, we refer to and collaborate with personal trainers who have 10+ years of experience working with injured athletes. With their extensive experience they are able to assist in safe return to exercise to reach full recreational level of function. If you already have a personal trainer at your residence or local gym, we would be happy to meet you there for a session with your trainer to safely transition you back to your gym.

Strength & Mobility

Great News!
Weekly strength + mobility classes are back at B3. All ages welcome!

Classes will be taught by Dr. Cara Giusti every Wednesday at 9:00 AM


Please call or stop by for more information and to schedule your first class.
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